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  • Q. Can wheat bags catch fire in a microwave?
    A. YES, Anything zapped on high heat for a long period of time can catch fire, USE COMMON SENSE, follow instructions. All Wearable Wheatbags come with the heating instructions sewn into the Inner wheat bag inside the cover.
  • Q. Can they catch fire after heating?
    A. YES, always shake to distribute heat , make sure your filling is not dry, follow instructions.
  • Q Do I adjust the heating after removing some of the wheat?
    A. Always adjust heating - start with 30second intervals, shake and check.
  • Q.When should I change my filling ?
    A. Depending on use , open and check if the wheat is dry then change , otherwise seasonally.
  • Q. Can I wash my wheat bag?
    A. YES empty contents first.
  • Q. Can I put lavender oil on my wheat bag?
    A. NO
  • Q.How can I add lavender oil  to my Wheat bag?
    A. After heating, add oil to cotton cloth and put in under your wheat bag cover
  • Q. Why have a high thread count cotton?
    A. All wheat bags should have a thicker cotton you should not be able to feel the wheat , or a cover is best so you don't accidentally burn yourself.
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